Fanfare Pricing Update

A Note to Our Customers about Pricing Updates

April 14, 2016


As you shop with Fanfare Tickets, you might notice a change.


Since our start, we have been steadfast in our model that we would include all fees and charges up-front and included in our listing price so that there were no hidden charges that would show at checkout.  If we had a ticket on our website for $100, you would know that your cost on that ticket at checkout was $100.


However, over the course of the previous year, and particularly in recent months, it has become clear to us that this model is not working.  We frequently receive calls and observations from our customers commenting that they see tickets cheaper on other websites.  Many times, the tickets that customers quote to us are in fact our own tickets that they think are less money from other vendors.  When we have those conversations, we are lucky to be able to explain that they might appear cheaper on the first page, but those other sites will add on a substantial service fee at checkout that will almost always make the end price more expensive than through us.   A front end discount is compensated for by a back end service charge.


It is great that we can explain to customers who call us about how our pricing often leaves us cheaper, but we realize we are not able to have that conversation with every customer, many of whom might look at our prices versus a competitor’s prices and choose to purchase other seats even though the final price they are paying is higher.  We need to address two important areas – reducing our markup, and presenting our pricing in a way that is consistent with the broader ticketing industry.


In order to be consistent with how other online marketplaces are structured, and to be competitive in how our tickets are listed, we have decided to alter our pricing structure.  While this change will affect the appearance of our listings and the breakdown of costs, the actual pricing of the final sale for tickets will remain the same in most cases, and will be lower in others.  Our markup has always been lower than most of our competitors, and it will remain so.  In some instances, our markup will be much lower than what it was.


We are confident that this will allow us to be more competitive with buyers who are comparing our inventory to other exchanges.  This new structure will still give our customers the best value.  We still have a lower markup than our competitors.  We do not charge for email delivery – most of our competitors do.  We do not charge for pickups, and we will work with you on delivery in ways our competitors will not allow.


Even with our national reach, we are and will always be a local business, and we appreciate your business and support.


Thank you for being a Fanfare Customer!